FabLearn Workshop 2021

Workshop 3: Making the World Cleaner: Data Computation and Communication in a Design Landscape (120 min)

10 minutes: Welcome 
15 minutes: Workshop participants introduce themselves and their work 
5 minutes: Introduction to group task 1: Visualizing data for primary schools 
25 minutes: Participants work on task in groups 
5 minutes: Groups present their progress 
5 minutes: Introduction to group task 2: Sensing Tech and Design 
25 minutes: Participants work on task in groups 
5 minutes: Groups present their progress 
20 mins: Discussion of future work 
5 minutes: Closing 

Data for Task 1

Measurements for Task 2

Battery – https://www.anker.com/ca/products/variant/powercore-26800/A1277011
Enviro+ – https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/enviro?variant=31155658457171
Pariculate Matter Sensor – https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/pms5003-particulate-matter-sensor-with-cable
Header Extension – https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/40-pin-gpio-extension-cable

Weekly Sessions

Week 1: Introduction to the project

Week 2: Background on trees and deciding where to put the sensors

Week 3: Intoducing the sensing tech and designing the housings 1

Week 4: Engaging with primary schools 1

Week 5: Introduction to programming and engaging with primary schools 2

Week 6: Making sense of data 1

Week 7: Making sense of data 2

Week 8: Designing the housings 2

Week 9: Engaging with primary schools 3

Week 10: Making sense of data 3 and prototyping the housings

Week 11: Assembling the Tech and the housings

Week 12 – Deploying Housing in Trees for Testing

Week 13: Retrieving the housings and checking the data