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School Project, MESS Days

Principle Investigator(s)

Dr Daniel Fitton

Bits of the Future

The future of computing technology will extremely exciting and will focus as much on humans, social media and user experiences as it does on bits, bytes and computing code. In this session, you will spend the day experiencing what is it like to be a researcher exploring the creation of new user-focused technologies. You will run your own research study on your classmates and participate in real-world research designing and creating new technology products. You will get to play new kinds of interactive games and try writing code to control robots. Please note: to attend this session you must have parental consent to participate in the research studies.

As part of the activities, your son/daughter may choose to participate in research studies. These studies will relate to the design, evaluation, use and opinions of computer technology, all data will be collected anonymously and may be analysed and published in academic literature. The studies will take the form of paper-based design sessions, questionnaires, interactive technologies where inputs will be logged, and focus groups that may be audio-recorded and transcribed. Participation will be entirely voluntary and your son/daughter will be able to leave an activity at any time they wish. We would be extremely grateful if you could confirm to us that you are happy for your son/daughter to participate in these activities by sending an e-mail to including the name of your son/daughter and stating that you give your consent for them to participate in the studies. We have individual participant information/consent sheets that describe the research studies in more detail (links below) and if you have any questions please contact Dr Daniel Fitton on