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Over the last 20 years, we have been producing research that involves children in a fun, interactive manner.

Our FAQ has more information about our organisation and what work we do.


Who is ChiCI?

The Child Computer Interaction Group at UCLan in Preston, UK, is a dedicated research group that concentrates on the specific area of usability and user experience design for children’s technologies. Formed in 2002, the group carries out research and development projects that focus on the creation and understanding of interactive products for children aged three to sixteen. Our work is collaborative, working with researchers across the globe, but also, and more interestingly, working with children and their teachers in immersive design and evaluation activities.

What does ChiCI and CCI stand for?

As our logo suggests, ChiCI is our organisation’s abbreviation for Child Computer Interaction (CCI). CCI can be considered a branch of the field Human Computer Interaction (HCI). HCI is a study of how humans in general use interactive technology, whereas CCI focuses on children specifically.

It has become necessary to focus HCI research on children. Children are still undergoing mental and physical development, meaning that the way they interact with technology may be vastly different from an adult. Considering that technology has become more and more of a part of children’s lives, it is important to understand how to design products that are targeted for them.

How do you pronounce ChiCI?

Chee – Key / Cheeky

What is your purpose?

The group’s main purpose is to provide a lively and supportive environment for the pursuit of research into the design and evaluation of interactive products for children. Within this broad remit, a special emphasis is placed on usability and fun, the design of technologies for literacy and the design and evaluation of novel technologies.

What work do you do?

We take on a variety of activities to further our understanding of Child Computer Interaction, Including:

– Postgraduate Research
– Postdoctoral Research
– Development Projects
– Conferences and Events
– M.E.S.S. Days
– Courses (UX Playbook)

Where can I find your work?

Most of our research outcomes can be found on our website, either in the navigation bar or in the links below:

UX Playbook
ChiCI’s Ethics

How do you consider the ethics of children’s participation in projects?

Since 2002, we have contributed towards the discussion considering the ethical implications of including children as subjects in research projects. Our team have hosted and collaborated in events focused on this topic. More information can be found on the following page:

ChiCI’s Ethics

Who funds ChiCI?

Our organisation’s projects, publications and resources have been funded by a variety of organisations. Providers include the University of Central Lancashire, HRC, EPSRC.

Where is ChiCI based?

The ChiCI Group is based in the School of Psychology & Computer Science within the Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK.

Are you open to collaboration?

Yes! Whether you are part of a similar organisation or school, we would like to hear from you. Despite the current COVID-19 pandemic, there are still ways of collaborating over projects. Contact information can be found on the following page:


Meet the Team!

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Janet C Read

Co-founder of the Child-Computer Interaction group.

Matt Horton

Co-founder of the Child-Computer Interaction group.