Project Details:


School Project / MESS Days

Principle Investigator(s)

Janet C Read, Gavin Sim

Project Date

January 2021 – July 2021

Funded By

Royal Society (PG/S2/20/2068)

Related Resources

International MakeEd Conference

How Do Trees Affect Our Climate and Air Quality?

This project with Ribblesdale High School is funded by the Royal Society (PG/S2/20/2068). The aim is to explore, with High School students (year 8), the effect of trees on climate and air quality. The project is running in the school enrichment sessions between January and July 2021.

A workshop on the project is scheduled for the International MakeEd conference where interested people can learn more (

Pupils at the school have been designing and creating their own housings for Raspberry Pi technology, they have assembled these and are attaching them to trees in the region. Meanwhile, the data from the devices is being explored by the students who will be then packaging the data in such a way that it can be presented to a set of three partnering primary schools.