Project Details


Research Project

Funded By:

University of Central Lancashire


July 2019


Stones is a project funded by the University of Central Lancashire to develop a mobile game suitable for children from all corners of the world to play. What is novel about the Stones project is that the ChiCI research team are actively gathering design ideas for this game from children across the globe.

Stones’ Application Logo

The aim of the Stones games is to encourage outdoor activity, creative play and imaginative adoption whilst also keeping the game sustainable from an environmental point of view, and accessible to children regardless of their location and technology. This latter point requires the game to operate on and offline and with, and without, advanced smartphone features.

You can follow the project in our interactive map (link to follow shortly) and child participants in the project can log on and leave feedback during the lifetime of the project.

The first version of the app is expected to go live in the summer of 2019 and will initially be available on the Android platform. Please visit the page frequently for more updates!

More info coming soon!